Inspired by her personal philanthropic work in Vietnam, Hanh Merriman founded her eponymous collection, as a fashion and lifestyle brand with the sole mission to give back to those in need, through soulful humanitarian endeavors.

Hanh Merriman is living proof that giving back is always in style. Whether it’s building homes for the homeless or feeding the hungry, giving back has always been the epicenter of Hanh’s life.

Growing up in Vietnam, Hanh was taught “family is where life begins and love never ends.” Not only her parents taught her the importance of family, but also how to live a meaningful life by “being a good citizen that shows kindness to the community, whether is contributing monetarily or by volunteering.” Both of these teachings had a profound impact, ultimately setting the tone for the rest of her life.

While, most children growing up are preoccupied with games, Hanh was busy helping others. Hanh recalls being involved in her parent’s charity work since she was a little girl.

Hence, she once helped a classmate who didn’t have the means to pay for tuition and school supplies. Hanh saved her own money and gave it to her classmate before the school year started – so that her classmate could too attend school.

Merriman’s mother was the leader of a temple in a small village, where they operated an Eastern-style clinic that provided free services like acupuncture and herb-based medicines to underprivileged children and senior citizens. Hanh’s parents were truly kindhearted people who purchased a piece of land to firmly grow the herbs needed for the clinic. Today, Hanh continues to carry her parent’s legacy of love and commitment to give back to the community.

Although Hanh’s parents are no longer here their teachings remain: “we make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give,” this has always remained in Hanh’s mind. She’s thankful for inheriting her parent’s passion and selfless dedication to the world of charity. To her, “charity is not a social pastime but a lifelong commitment.”

When she married Mike Merriman, winemaker at Merriman Wines. She was grateful to find out he was equally passionate about helping others. Naturally, Mike is very supportive and feels proud of what Hanh has accomplished over the years through her philanthropic work. Both are proud parents to two lovely daughters, Emma and Chloe who are now being taught the same values.

Hanh’s family is fully committed to helping others to the extent they made it a family tradition. Together they build homes and bridges for their community and twice a month, they give food to those in need out of their home in Vietnam.

“Family is a gift that lasts forever and giving back is what keeps the Merriman family grounded and connected to their community.”

 Hanh and her family are very humble to share their philanthropic work, but outreach and giving back to the community has become more than just a duty, it’s now a family tradition. Hanh believes charity is the perfect way to appreciate what her family has in their life; it’s one of many ways to show compassion to others.

Having launched her own collection, Hanh Merriman feels it’s her responsibility to use her brand as a platform to raise awareness on being charitable. Therefore, Hanh has pledged to give 10% of all the sale proceeds from the Hanh Merriman Collection to various good causes like building homes, bridges, providing clean water and food for underprivileged children and elderly from around the world.

Hanh Merriman strongly believes fashion has the power to transform someone’s life, so why not use it as medium to make the world a better place one dress at a time!